4 – Casa do General Neto (General Neto House)

Blvd Gomes Jardim, corner Bento Gonçalves street (Antiga Rua Clara).

During the Farroupilha Revolution, the Colonel Antonio Fonseca de Souza Neto was chief of the Legion of the National Guards from Piratini. In September 11th, 1836, at the camping on the Jaguarão riverside, at a place called Menezes Field, Col. Souza proclaimed the Rio-Grandense Republic. This declaration occurred after he won the Seival's battle against the imperial troops, which was commanded by Silva Tavares. Following the Poncho Verde agreement, which put an end to the conflict and to the Rio-Grandense Republic in 1845, Col. Souza moved to Uruguay. There, he became a ranch owner and fought against Rosas. At last, during the war with Paraguay, he was wounded in combat and went to hospital in Corrientes (Argentina), where he died in July, 1866.

This one-story building displays traditional Portuguese-Brazilian architectural features. The roof has tiles and galbo with cloak-and-channel, short overhang of the edge-and-spout openings with lintels and doors with straight flag.

This building is protected by the Local Heritage.