Tombamento Municipal

2 – Antiga Cervejaria dos Brum (Former brewery from the Brum family)

Blvd Gomes Jardim, 135 (Antiga Rua Clara).

This building housed an old brewery. It was constructed by Lucindo Manoel de Brum, a descendent of the Brum family. The family came from Third Island, Azores, but they were originally from the Netherlands. The beer produced by the Brum family was exported to Uruguay. There are records of distribution to Montevideo.

This corner building has eight doors in full arch, with flag in rosette and colored glass. There are vertical marks on the corners and tile roof coverage in cloak-and-channel with galbo. Under the eaves there is a simple cornice. Currently, it shelters a group of stores. The brewery was protected by the municipality in 1984.