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24 - Casa de Garibadi (Garibadi's House)

Bento Gonçalves street, 182/186 (Antiga Rua Clara).

This is the house that was used by Luigi Rosseti, partisan of the Carbonários, to produce the revolutionary newspaper O Povo (The People), conceived by Domingos José de Almeida. The newspaper‘s headquarters was located in this residence from 1838 to 1839. In 1839 it was moved to Caçapava, along with the Farroupilha government. Forty-five editions were printed. Garibaldi lived in this house by the time he got involved in the revolution. Luigi Rosseti and Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) were Italian fugitives and sympathizers of the Giuseppe Mazzini's Young Italy Movement. In 1836 they went to Rio de Janeiro, where they took a boat to Montevideo, and later got to the São Pedro do Rio Grande do Sul Province through Uruguay. Luigi Rosseti, Bento Gonçalves da Silva and David Canabarro faced the imperial troops at Lagoa dos Patos. They also took part in conquering Laguna in 1939. After the proclamation of the Juliana Republic, Garibaldi returned to Italy in 1848. Following many exiles, he got the Italy's unification in 1861. He died at Ilha de Caprera, Italy, in 1882, by the age of 74. Luigi Rosseti, being Captain, was hit by a spear and died at the takeover of Viamão by the imperials, in 1840.

This small one-story building has the traditional characteristics of the Portuguese-Brazilian architecture from Rio Grande do Sul. The building is protected by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute since 1941.