Tombamento Estadual Tombamento Municipal

B- Sobrado da Dorada

General Neto street, 238.

Built in 1830, it belonged to Dr. Afonso Gassier, French doctor married to Florinda Moreira, Vicente Lucas de Oliveira's granddaughter. The backyard of this house used to shelter a factory of powder and rockets that belonged to the brothers Gonzaga Ferreira Pinto de Souza, known as "the rocketers".

The building with a high basement has a large rooftop side with iron railings. Around the bollards there were vases and Cunhal. Still present, there is a statue of a dog in glazed pottery. The façades are marked by smooth corners and hip roof and galbo, decorated at the ends of the ridge with two cones of colored crystal. Under the eaves, a frieze of Portuguese tiles overlapped by cyma denticulate.

The building is protected by the Federated State Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute since 1986.