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22 - Casa de Manoel Ricardo Lucas (Manoel Ricardo Lucas' House)

Bento Gonçalves street, 154 (antiga rua Clara), corner to Manuel R. Lucas lane

One story building constructed in 1821 that belonged to Manoel Ricardo Lucas.

Manoel Ricardo Lucas (1902-2000) was born in Curral das Pedras, today called Pinheiro Machado. When he was young he used to help his family with the work at the ranch and his father with his commercial activities. He attended school in Pelotas, returning to the family business as an accountant.

In the reserves, Lucas participated on the 1924’s campaign, where he was promoted to 3rd sergeant. Afterwards, he returned home where he got married to Demetria Madeira and raised two children. Besides his rural occupation, he also ran a carpentry business. In 1943, Lucas and his family moved to Piratini, where he worked full time on woodworking. Between 1945 and 1961, Manoel Ricardo Lucas was elected sub-mayor of the 1st sub-district and was later appointed Director of Roads Department. Lucas quit in 1963, after creating the road department. He co-founded Piratiniense Mill, designed the equipment required for its construction, and managed its implementation.

Lucas implemented and built the Piratini bus station, which was later inherited by his granddaughters. He frequently collaborated to the Recreation society of Piratini, on the Rural Association, and the Rio Branco 3rd Mason store. Since 1927, Lucas has been an active mason, awarded honorary member twice, in 1998 and 2000.

This construction is made of masonry and has rusticated basement and marked vertical corners. The main façade has door rail and flag crafted with curved designs. The sliding windows of the façade have the same theme as the front door. On the side windows there are door frames into squares. The house is covered with tiles cloak-and-channel, with eaves on cyma. It has a strong urban presence in the frontal lobe alley.

The building is protected by the State Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAE) since 1986.