Tombamento Estadual

21 - Casa Brig. Manoel Lucas de Lima (Brig. Manoel Lucas de Lima's House)

General Daltro Filho street, 63, corner to Beco da Da Santa

On January 21st, 1815, Manoel Lucas de Lima was born in Piratinis’ second district. His parents were Vicente Lucas de Oliveira and Florencia Gomes de Lima. In 1843, amidst the Revolution and during the Poncho Verde battle, Lima was wounded by gunshot to the right wrist. After the revolution was over, he had raised to ranks as Captain. Cpt. Lima was involved in the war against Rosas and in the Paraguay war. He later got married to Emilia Reverbel de Lima. Charcoal extraction started on Lima’s lands, after his death.

This detached building was constructed in 1821 in the traditional Portuguese-Brazilian architecture. It is called Old Farmhouse and has hip roof coverage, with clay tiles, cloak-and-channel ledge in Galbo on cyma. In the end, on the corners, it has dove breasts. It has wooden openings and lintels arched down, rail type doors and windows shutters. A portion of the building is now uncharacteristic with the introduction of bending straight and recessed door frame opening.

The building is protected by the State Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAE) since 1986.