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11 – Antiga Cadeia (Old jail)

Rua Comendador Freitas, 341 (Antiga Rua do Teatro), esquina Travessa Tiradentes.

Comendador Freitas street, 341 (Antiga Rua do Teatro), on the corner with Travessa Tiradentes. The construction of this building started in 1855. It was meant to house the public prison on the land donated by Vicente Caetano da Silva. However, its use as a jail was denied before the conclusion of the construction due to its proximity to a Christian temple. Later, it was adapted for residential use.

The building is a corner structure in masonry with roof in tiles cloak-and-channel and eaves. It has glazed doors and windows with casement sash.

The building is protected by the State Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAE) since 1986.