Tombamento Estadual Tombamento Municipal

9. Casa de Camarinha (Camarinha's House)

20 de Setembro street, 150/156 (Old Praça do Teatro).

This building was constructed around 1789. It was originally used as a residence by its owner Antônio José Vieira Guimarães. It is presented as the first building of the settlement of Piratini.

The shrine, the small tower inserted on the top, was constructed subsequently, in the first decade of the 20th century.

The building with masonry walls is covered with cloak-and-channel tiles, galbo, eaves and cornice. It has glass doors with no flags and French doors opening to-trough or type. Its wooden windows have casement sash and shutters. The lintels of the doors and windows are arched down, except for a window and door-trough, with straight lintels.

The building is protected by the State Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAE) since 1986.