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7- Casa Comercial dos Fabião (Comercial of Fabião's family)

20 de setembro street, 30 (Antiga Rua da Conceição).

Comendador Fabião was one of the first traders in Piratini. The rich dealer on the province helped to elevate it to the settlement category in 1830.

This one-story building displays traditional Portuguese-Brazilian architectonic features of first stage with a predominance of full on empty. The house has a hip roof cover and channel, and Galbo eaves border and pecks. Three doors with slaughtered arches, which were probably replaced with openings. After interventions, it is currently opened with glass frames and shutters and banners with frames. It has twin-side access to the family residence.

The building is protected by the State Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAE) since 1986.