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6- Casa do Comendador Fabião (Comendador Fabião's House)

20 de setembro street, 22 (Antiga Rua da Conceição)

The house was constructed around 19th century for the Fabião's family. During the 20th century, it was residence of the writer, poet and folklorist Luiz Carlos Barbora Lessa (1929-2002). Barbosa Lessa, as he was known, was greatly identified with issues from local culture.

This one-story building has a hip roof and four side gates with flags-arched by overlapping cones. The façade composition is eclectic, asymmetrical, and includes a high basement with side access. The composition is marked by pilasters with Corinthian capitals and fluted shafts. The window-glass doors have shutters and flags with metal railings, surrounded by friezes and ornamental elements. There is a cornice with cast balusters.

The building is protected by the State Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAE) since 1986.