Linha Farroupilha

The city is a book made of stone - Walter Benjamin used to say - and we must learn how to read it. That is precisely what is intended with the Farroupilha Line: a promenade in Piratini. Along the path the visitor will be able to appreciate 25 buildings and places that witnessed historical facts related to the Farroupilha Revolution.

The path is 2.887ft long and is defined by sign placed on the pavement. The attractions have plaques that bring the brief the history of that particular place.

On every end of the path the visitor will find a panel with a map of the Farroupilha Line. On the main square of the city besides relevant information on Piratini's heritage and landscape there is another map of the historical center, as well as a timelinechart connecting Piratini, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil to the world's history, showing the important happenings at a given historical moment.

linha farroupilha